Core Views

Double Heart is a group who believes in Man and Woman – girl love.

Our main belief as a group is that any girl who is old enough to take care of her own child, who is old enough to be tried as an adult, and who otherwise can be proven to know right from wrong in a court of law should also have the right to be able to chose who she will have sex with regardless of any age differences.

Girls ages 13 to 17 are often told they have no rights to make decisions about sex with anyone over the age of 18 and we firmly believe this is wrong and that laws should be changed to reflect this.

One merely needs to watch any number of talk shows to see young teen girls who frequently seek out men in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s to verify this as a reality.

Unfortunately most societies deny young women this right and instead shuns the topics while labelling the girls as immature and any males or females they try to seduce that are over the age of 18 as pedophile and child abusers.

Countless cases can be found online of girls who willingly entered into sexual relations with old men and then the men were charge with crimes again children because “they should have known better”.

To date, any man who seeks treatment with a mental health therapist about attraction to teenage girls s told this attraction is healthy and normal but that they should be mature enough to resist it.