Delaware and New Jersey eliminate pregnant teen rights

There is a new push in America to eliminate the rights of pregnant teenagers under the age of 18. The right in question is the right to be married.

Apparently in America while under the age of 18 it is perfectly okay to make decisions for your child, but it is not acceptable to make any decisions for yourself.

Of course this is truly just an attempt to eliminate marriage in the US because as a nation they would prefer unwed mothers and children growing up without fathers.

These states are not simply eliminating the right to marry people over a certain age, but rather to be married to the father of your child.

Whereas both states have eliminated the practice of marriage under the age of 18, they have not stated whether or not they will still recognize marriages of those who are married out of state.

Historically a marriage made in one state is recognized in all states however we saw with homosexual marriage rights that many states refused to recognize out of state homosexual marriages leaving one to wonder if the same will happen pregnant teen marriages.

As if eliminating the rights of pregnant teens is enough, they have also eliminated the rights of parents by saying a parent can not approve their teenage child to be married.

This is an unprecedented attack on the rights of both teenagers as well as parents.

The next two states where these violation of rights are being pushed is Ohio and Pennsylvania.

America was at one time considered to be the land of the free, but as time moves on the nation has become one of the least free places on earth with more laws on the books to restrict freedoms than any other country.

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