No more Privacy between Teachers and Students

For years in America children and teenagers have been raised to believe that the bond between a teacher and student is a sacred one. They have been raised to believe that if one is not comfortable talking to a parent about an particular issue, or if they don’t feel safe talking to a parent about a particular issue, that a teacher is always a safe and trusted alternative

This long honored tradition, may soon be a thing of the past leaving children and teenagers no safe outlets to go to for help, to ask questions or to turn to in times of need.

Lawmakers in Ohio have introduced House Bill 658, which would require that teachers immediately notify parents if they see any signs of gender dysphoria.

“If a government agent or entity has knowledge that a child under its care or supervision has exhibited symptoms of gender dysphoria or otherwise demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite of the child’s biological sex, the government agent or entity … shall immediately notify, in writing, each of the child’s parents and the child’s guardian or custodian. The notice shall describe the total circumstances with reasonable specificity,”

The wording of this bill is very ambiguous which makes one question what exactly is meant by exhibited symptoms.

Will girls who display “interests of boys” – which have been referred to as “tomboys” in times past – all be reported to parents as “exhibiting symptoms“? Will boys who play with dolls or have an interest in ballet be seen as showing an interest in “being a girl“?

More importantly, will any child or teen ever confide in a teacher they trust again or is this merely a means of repressing children from expressing themselves in environments that were once considered a safe-haven?

Even more disturbing is that if a child or teen does reach out to a teacher in confidence to obtain materials or get information on the topic and the teacher does not inform the parent they could be charged with a fourth-degree felony.

Equally disturbing is that teachers would not be able to offer any sort of resources to a child or teen about sex or gender topics without direct explicit permission from the parent.

It will also “protect” a parent who decides not to allow treatment by disallowing that the decision from be used against them in custody cases, abuse cases and neglect complaints – however if they do allow treatment, that treatment can be used against them in such cases.

This law is a complete destruction of child privacy rights, of parental rights, and of the long honored tradition of teachers being a confidant for a child or teen.

Taking rights away from children and teens seems to be the new social norm taking place in the American society. One can only wonder if next teachers are going to be required to report to the parent if a child or teen makes any claims of at home abuse or neglect.

Where are children and teens expected to turn to if they can no longer trust teachers or government officials?

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