Online consenting relationship results in electronic device to seduce a child

A Stetson Baptist Christian School PE teacher named Stephen Ward who is a 69 year old man has been charged with using an electronic device to seduce a child.

The mother of the unnamed 14 year old found text messages between the teach and her daughter and reported it to the authorities.

The text message contained a description of sexual acts the teacher wanted perform on the girl.

The girl told authorities that they had never had physical contact but that she had been in an online relationship with him for around two weeks.

It is unknown if the girl was a student at the school he was teaching at, which would certainly be wrong no matter the ages, but its interesting that the girl was in a cyber relationship with the man willingly – making both the female and the male victims of laws that prevent teenage girls from deciding who they wish to be in a non-sexual relationship with.

Currently the man is being held on $10,000 bond in Deland Florida.

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