Staying safe and being secure – advice for MAPs

Everyday it seems the news has someone attracted to a minor is arrested. Every month there is another group of people with their freedom of speech and expression rights removed in the name of “protecting children”. As such, we are going to give you some advice that you can use to hopefully keep yourself safe and prevent yourself from ever being one of these people.

  • Rule 1: Never do anything online using your real IP address. Always use i2p. After installing i2p set your web browsers to use and
  • Rule 2: Install a copy of tails on a 2 GB USB drive. Use it anytime you do anything questionable. A simply reboot after using this drive will wipe it back to its original state. It will prevent any browser cache from being stored, any secret windows cache from being stored, any MacOs cache from being stored, any spyware or hackers from installing malicious files that will spy on you, and each time you logoff it, it wipes out anything you have done.
  • Rule 3: Never ever watch pornography involving minors. Just don’t do it. Its illegal in most places and is simply not worth the risk. Instead use sites like asstr.org and read pornography. Doing this is so far perfectly legal, because every time someone tries to make story writing illegal, freedom of speech activists fight them in a way that it is hard for anyone to stop. The asstr.org site is not easy to search, so instead use a site like google or bing to find your stories. A simply search such as ‘site:asstr.org +”14 years old”‘ will produce countless stories for you to check out.
  • Rule 4: As I know there are people who are going to completely ignore rule 3, if you do download something questionable, store it on a sd drive. Do NOT use a USB drive for storing downloads, only sd drives. Have as few as possible preferably only one, which is why I recommend a 1 TB sd drive. Only load this drive when logged into your tails USB drive. Only save to this drive from your Tails USB drive. Never use this on any other computer. Keep this drive on your person always and never ever lose it. In the event of something bad taking place, its small enough to put in your mouth and chew to do unrepairable damage.
  • Rule 5: Never ever talk to someone who claims to be a minor online, never ever agree to meet with someone from the internet who claims to be a minor, and never ever talk about sexual things about a minor with a person claiming to be their parent or guardian. If you are meeting someone who you have shared your sexual interests with and they are a parent, tell them to leave their children at home during the meetup. If they ask you to come back to their home with them, make it clear that their children will not in any way be involved in anything sexual that may or may not take place. Police try to entrap those attracted to minors. Stay safe by not giving them anything to entrap you with.

Following this list of five simple rules should keep you safe and protected at all times. There are websites where you can meet men and women with similar interests as yourself and you can act out fantasies and all sorts of other things. Following these rules will make it nearly impossible to ever be tracked online while the fifth rule will allow you to meet others with similar interests.

If everyone followed these rules, only in the rarest of instances would anyone ever be charged with a crime against children. Right now we are living in a world that wants absolute anonymity from prying eyes while at the same time they want to stop those who are attracted to minors from living. Use their desires to remain anonymous against them to keep yourself anonymous in all that you do.

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