True Confession: I was almost arrested for sex crimes with a minor

We first started talking a chatroom. At the time I was 22 and she was 16. We talked day and night for about 4 months. After her 17th birthday she decided she wanted to come and live with me, so she “ran away from home” and took a bus to come to me.

The police where she lived called me on the phone. They scared the living hell out of me telling me they had reason to believe she was either on her way to see me, or that she was already there. They told me I needed to send her home immediately and that if I didn’t I would be charged with helping a child run away and that if anything sexual happened between us they would prosecute to the “fullest extent the law allowed” for having sexual relations with a minor.

In the state she lived in, the legal age of consent was 18, and at 22 years of age I could be charged with sex crimes including statutory rape. I was scared to death so I denied that she was with me and denied any knowledge of her coming to me.

Two weeks later, there was a knock on my door. It was the police where I lived. Despite what the police where she lived had said, they told me they just wanted her to call her father and let him know that she was safe. She was with me at the time. They explained to me that no crime had been committed because in the state I lived, she was considered an adult as 17 was the legal age of consent.

They told us both that she would not be forced to return home as an adult within the state and that if we have done anything sexual there was no crime committed. We both breathed a huge sigh of relief. She didn’t want to but I still made her call her father.

He was not happy that she left in the manner that she had, but was happy she was alive and safe.

It only took two weeks for her to become pregnant and DNA tests proved the baby was mine. We had a healthy baby boy. Two years later she gave birth to the second of our sons. Our relationship lasted about 6 years with some off and on periods in between those years.

Today our children are almost at legal age themselves.

Despite what many have claimed to me online, one actually can legally go to states where age of consent laws are different from the one a person may live in, and they are bound to the law of they state they are in, not the ones where they reside – the same as is true for any other laws.

Had I gone to pick her up instead of her taking a bus, that would have been different because I could have been charged with bringing a minor across state lines and with intent to have relations with a minor. As she came on her own accord such laws didn’t come into the situation.

Its strange to me that a 22 year old could be charged with sex crime for having relations with someone only 5 years younger than themselves – and luckily for me it wasn’t a crime in the state I was living or I probably would not have my two boys, but rather would have been sent to jail and then been put on a sex registry.

This is completely unacceptable to me that we put people on a sex offender registry for what most would consider a normal health age difference. I suppose this is also why the age of consent laws are drastically different between one state and another.

To those reading this, I would highly recommend you read the penal code of the state in which you reside before engaging with anyone under the age of 18. Don’t trust random online websites because they are often outdated and laws have changed. Find the laws for yourself.

Its not illegal to go to a state where the laws are different to engage in relations with someone who would not otherwise be legal in your state.

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