Underage women using #ptgf

The hashtag #ptgf stands for part-time girlfriends. It is a hashtag used by women as young as 13 years of age to advertise themselves as a part-time girlfriend for hire, which is usually a means of advertising prostitution.

Those using the tag are generally found to be willing participants looking to earn some extra money.

Although most of the women using the hashtag seem to be from Hong Kong, the tag has slowly begun being used by women all across the world.

Some websites such as instagram have begun to block the hashtag from searches however their are ways around the block.

Women in Honk Kong have begun to modify the term to #hkptgf because of the global usage, and we suspect women in other nations will also begin to do the same. Equally some variations of the hashtag have been found to circumvent the block.

In Hong Kong prostitution is legal, however authorities say solicitation of prostitution is not, and have begun to monitor such terms. Other nations, the tags are just beginning to catch on.

Most of the women currently found are of 17 years of age and older however with some searching one can easily find women that are much younger are also using the hashtag.

In a world where the common belief is all women under age 18 are innocent and victim if they engage in sexual relations with anyone over the age of 18, the presence of these women willingly using such hashtags is very telling about the desire of some women to engage with older men despite any given laws.

So far we have not seen other country specific hashtags such as #usptgf or #ukptgf however we have found people in both of these countries using the more generic #ptgf tag.

One can only wonder if in the future women will circumvent age of consent laws and specifically seek out adult males. If they do however, one must assume police and authorities will also engage in such practices to catch violators of laws.

One should only engage with women under the age of 18 if it is legal where they live to do so, otherwise they should continue to fight the system to have laws changed.

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