When the Left and Right Hate – the Beginnings of PedoSexuality happens

If you go onto twitter there is a hashtag that can be used called #pedosexual.

The hashtag is associated with people who want to bring to light pedophilia in a positive way so non-offending pedophiles can seek help without fear of stigmatism, loss of jobs, threats of death, and similar reactions that currently comes from society when discussing this topic.

However the term and the hashtag actually traces back to the hatred between conservatives and liberals that has been ever increasing over the past decade.

Originally the term seems to have been created on a 4chan group as a way to fight against the normalization of the LGBTQ community. The idea was to create meme flags of LGBTP and spread them across social networks to reduce and eliminate the acceptance of homosexual rights.

It started off with the following post:

The above post eventually caught some movement on the 4chat group, and the following post was created to further this hate filled movement along.

The problem is, no one really thought this plan through.

They expected they would be able to use this movement to fight back against the homosexual rights activists. They never actually expected what the true end result would be.

What actually happened is MAPs (Minor Attracted Children) and NOPs (Non Offending Pedophiles) learned of the term pedosexual and began using it. Only these people as well as the LGBTQ community, both separated themselves from each other.

Now on twitter you can find posts of people that are genuinely shocked that pedophiles have adopted the term and turned it into a legitimate movement.

Posts can be found of people fighting back and forth arguing, using medical definitions challenging that pedophilia does not mean someone has committed a crime, political movements to change the medical definitions, and all sorts of other posts that encourage people to accept that non-offending pedophiles should be accepted within society and should not have to live in fear never obtaining the help they need.

There have been talks such as can be seen in the video we posted yesterday to bring pedophilia acceptance to the masses.

It should be noted that most are not supporting the act of harming children (there are always a few people that take things to far), but rather that they are seeking not to have to hide if they have never offended so they can seek help without being discriminated against.

Although the pedosexuality movement does not directly relate to our missions at doubleheart, it does relate in some ways as we believe people should be able to seek help.

Our missions at doubleheart are about teenage rights. They are about the fact teens can be seen as adults knowing right from wrong in every area of law until it comes to sex and then they are suddenly not adults but children.

Our missions are to help change these views so teenagers can chose not to only have sexual relationships with each other, but with absolutely anyone they chose – without a person over the age of 18 somehow being considered a criminal.

We believe anyone that has urges to have sexual relations with a pre-pubescent child, should absolutely seek help and should not have to live in silence and fear thus increasing the likeliness that they will commit an offense.

However we also believe there is a huge difference in being attracted to children, and being attracted to teenagers which is a very normal part of biology.

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